Transportation Drivers

As a truck driver, your job is not confined just to driving but to handling a variety of expenses en route. Apart from driving, you need to spend money on customs clearing, loading or unloading freight, border crossing, and lots more. It is impossible to write down expenditures as you should mainly focus on road safety. Our team has helped numerous drivers to check their expenses and lessen the tax burden. Being an Owner/Operator in the past for 22 years and a company driver for the past 16 years i have plenty of experience to know what is needed in this space.

Accounting services that we offer for truck drivers to hold on to more of their hard-earned money are:

  • Tax Preparation.
  • HST/GST Filing.
  • Minimizing Tax Burden.
  • Payroll Tax Remittances.
  • Bookkeeping.

Contact our team to get reliable accounting solutions at a modest price and make your life easier. 

Border Bookkeeping