How much does it cost for business registration in Manitoba?

Most businesses in Manitoba are required to register with the provincial government. There are some exceptions to new business registration in Manitoba. But, registration is a must if you want to operate your business as a partnership or sole proprietorship legally in your desired province. It is one of the first steps of starting your own business in Canada. You should have a clear idea about the fees involved with business registration. The total cost of registering your business may vary. But, knowing the basic registration fee can help you prepare for the process. 

What’s the Fee for New Business Registration in Manitoba?

You should register your business even if it’s just in the business owner’s name. Some owners wish to run their businesses as a corporation. In that case, registering is mandatory while in other cases just registering the business name will do. 

Now let’s check out the fee involved in registering a new business in Manitoba. 

Type of Form What does it mean?Filing fee
Business name registration Register an unincorporated business $60
Request for business name reservation In most cases, you need to register the business name first. $45 each time you request a business name reservation.
Registration of a Limited Partnership, Numbered Company Limited, IncorporationRegisters an Extra-provincial or Manitoba Limited Partnership, Numbered Company Limited, Incorporation$350
Registration of a Limited Liability Partnership, Incorporation Registers an Extra-provincial or a Manitoba Limited Liability Partnership, Incorporation   $350
Power of Attorney This is needed when the registrants of an unincorporated business reside in  Manitoba and they need to appoint a Power of Attorney. $40

What’s the fee for Updating a Registration?

You need to update the registration form whether you change the business name or address. Updating the registration is also important if there has been a change of partners, owners or directors in your business. 

Type of Form What does it mean?Filing fee
Business name renewal Must be done every three yearsThe form renews the registration of an unincorporated business, Limited Liability Partnership, Numbered Company Limited, Inc.$60
Address change The form helps you change the business address, registrant’s address and mailing address of a Limited Partnership, Numbered Company Limited, Incorporation or an unincorporated business. No charges.
Business name change Change the name of a Limited Partnership,   Numbered Company Limited, Incorporation or an unincorporated business.$60
Registrants change This is needed when the owners of an unincorporated business changes. $60
Limited Partnership changes This is needed when there is a change in the capital, General Partner or Limited Partner in a Limited Partnership. $60
Limited Liability Partnership changes You need this to change the name of your company, the designated Manitoba-resident partner or the registered office in Manitoba. No charges.

What’s the fee for Canceling a Registration?

You may want to cancel or dissolve the registration for any reason. In that case, too, you need to pay a certain amount of fee. 

Type of Form What does it mean?Filing fee
Business name dissolution (Articles of Dissolution)To dissolve a Limited Liability Partnership,  Numbered Company Limited, Incorporation or an unincorporated business’s registration $60
Cancellation of limited liability partnership or Extra-Provincial Limited Partnership registration To cancel the registration of an Extra provincial limited partnership or limited liability partnership. $60.00

Final Thoughts,

Business registration in Manitoba is the stepping stone towards setting up your own business in Canada. The process isn’t easy. Also, there may be additional charges depending on any permits you may need to acquire in a specific location.

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